About the HHCT


History of Incorporation

The Huntington Historical and Community Trust (HHCT) was born out of a merger between the Huntington Historical Society and the Huntington Revitalization Trust. In the 1980s the Historical Society, initiated by Lorraine and Hilton Jones, incorporated around a key issue: the restoration of the Union Meeting House. In 1997, the Revitalization Trust was formed to provide citizen support for the development of the Fuller House, a commercial project that would later house the town’s post office.

After the Fuller House development was completed, the Revitalization Trust redefined itself as the Huntington Community Trust, a group whose interests lay broadly in maintaining the rural character of Huntington. Realizing that the small population of Huntington would be best served by a single non-profit, Revitalization Trust members Amy Seidl and Enid Wonnacott approached the Historical Society about combining organizations. In 1999, the Huntington Historical Society changed its name and mission to reflect the merger, allowing the group to retain the Historical Society’s non-profit status and move forward on issues that combined historical preservation with community issues, including land conservation.

Board Members

Terry Boyle
Robin Worn
Alissa White
Michaela Stickney
Carmen Tedesco
Rosie Chase
Spence Hill
Lisa Loomis

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