Town Hall Committee

HHCT continues to support the work of the Town Hall Committee (THC). As the current issue of the Richmond Times Ink. notes, “The Huntington Town Hall was originally built in 1903 as a meeting place for members of the local Modern Woodmen of America…as a social resource for the community.” Over the years, it has hosted community plays, dances, meetings, etc.. The THC has initiated conversations with the Conservation Trust, the Vermont Council on the Arts, and the Division of Historic Preservation to determine which funds are available and explore opportunities for Huntington to secure these grants. The first priority is to secure an American Disabilities Administration (ADA) grant that would be used to provide an operating bathroom, an official ADA ramp and a lift from the first to second floor. These improvements would open the Town Hall to increased use and provide the groundwork for theater grants to facilitate improvements to the second floor theater.