The Old Firehouse and former Freewill Baptist Church in Huntington Center, built in 1841 has been on HHCT’s radar for the past couple of years. A subcommittee of HHCT and the Recreation Committee has been active in a limited capacity during this past year. Duncan Keir and Eliot Lothrop arranged for and installed temporary roofing on the addition to the original structure. This was paid for by the $1,250 Recreation Committee funding from the Town for the purpose of stabilizing the building by repair of windows, roof, and other measures. The Town has again budgeted $1,250 for the coming year, which is planned to be use for further securing the deteriorating building envelope. HHCT hired Texas Hill Lawn Care to keep the Japanese Knotweed cut down over the summer months, continuing the eradication program started by HHCT and others in 2019.